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In this month’s spotlight episode, we speak to 15 year old, Dikko Bright Ubachukwu of Caro Favored College, Lagos, who was the President of his JA Company – Innovative Minds Group and whom through the JA Company Program received a 2-year scholarship to study at the African Leadership Academy, South Africa. He’s off to study Pharmacy at the Academy and expresses his joy at being given such an opportunity, thanks to JAN!

Name: Dikko Bright Ubachukwu
Age: 15
Sec school: Caro Favoured College, Lagos

Q1: Why did you take part in Company program??
Ans: I want to be an entrepreneur so I saw that as a platform to know what entrepreneurship would be about.  I was the CEO of the innovative minds group. We designed an electronic LED Display because we noticed that small businesses around our location did not have any means of advertising their businesses.

Q2: What was the highlight of the Company program??
Ans: For me, it was meeting people like the judges who we showcased our products to at the competition. I also got to know about other company products and learnt the processes involved in making some of them. The company program was a life-changing experience for me.

Q3: What did the Company program do for you??
Ans: If it was not for the Company program, I would not have gotten the African leadership academy scholarship for a 2 years diploma in South Africa. I would be going to study pharmacy at the academy and I am really excited about it. I have also started making plans about my future because I realized that the billionaires of today are majorly entrepreneurs and I want to be like them.

Q4: How did you receive this scholarship??
Ans: My Company represented Nigeria at the African Company of the Year 2016 in Zimbabwe and I met a judge and asked about his school. He told me that he attended the African leadership academy and African Leadership University. I got interested and asked the Executive director of JAN, Mrs. Simi Nwogugu about the academy and how to get in. She told me to apply and organized series of sessions for my class mate and I, mentoring us through the process. Luckily for me, I was called for an interview and thank God, I got the scholarship.

Q5: What are your future plans?
Ans: I plan on implementing all that I have learnt in the company program and what I will learn in the university so I can become a successful entrepreneur. Then, I am going to empower youth just like Junior Achievement Nigeria is already doing. I see young people like me drinking, smoking and wasting their lives and I feel I can help them.

Q6: What would you like to say to your younger generation??
Ans: I want them to know that they should watch the kind of friends they keep. In my school, there is a club called the JA (Junior Achievement) club. Even though I was not in the club, most of my friends were members of the club and that is how I got involved in the Company program. The younger ones should also be ready to learn and try to be different from others.

Q7: Note to JAN ??
Ans: A very big thank you JAN!!! God will bless and multiply you a million fold.

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