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Dear Friends,
April is usually a slow month for us because schools are on Easter break so we also slow down and begin planning our 3rd term and summer activities.  I got to take a short refreshing holiday with my family but our hardworking JAN staff kept going. As you will read in this newsletter, our Abuja staff deployed programs in out-of-school settings like the Police barracks and our Maiduguri staff developed partnerships with some pretty cool organizations I got to visit and witness their phenomenal work firsthand.  We are all about partnerships at JAN because the work to develop our nation’s youth is bigger than any one organization can achieve by itself so we not only welcome partnerships, but we actively seek to improve the capacity and effectiveness of other NGOs, which is why I was thrilled to also facilitate two NGO-training sessions with our partners at the Lagos Business School Sustainability Centre and the Nirmala Chellarams Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Lagos.
Speaking of capacity building and partnerships, we were thrilled to be invited back to the ACT Foundation capacity building session for its partner NGOs. I am particularly excited to share that JAN emerged one of the 25 NGO grantee organizations of ACT Foundation for the year 2018. With over 700 applications received, it was a delight to have emerged successful and we look forward to an impactful project delivery. This month, we were also delighted to have a few of our students learn a lot about what is possible in our country from watching the movie Black Panther, and engaging in panel discussions afterwards. These students just watched the blockbuster movie for the first time ever and were excited to share their ambitions and dreams for a Nigeria just like the fictional Wakanda. This is all thanks to our partners at Enough is Enough (EiE) Nigeria.
Schools have resumed now and we are back to work so I can’t wait to share with you our plans for May, my favorite month of the year (I will let you know why in the next newsletter). Until then, cheerio!

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