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Dikko Bright Ubachukwu was born on 7th of June 2002. He is a high school student at Caro Favoured College, Ajegunle in Lagos, where he has participated in different Junior Achievement programs over the past three years.

In 2016, Bright participated in the Citi Foundation sponsored JA Company Program and he was elected CEO of the student company, Innovative Minds, which produced a programmable dot matrix LED Display board. Innovative Minds won the regional Company of the Year competition for Southwest Nigeria and, subsequently, won the National Company of the Year Competition to represent Nigeria at the Africa Company of the Year Competition in Zimbabwe later in December 2016.  Though he was the youngest member of the team, as CEO of the organization, Dikko showed remarkable leadership skills as he motivated his team members to prepare for each competition even as they became more nervous about the prospect of leaving Nigeria for the first time in their lives.

Based on his participation in the Citi sponsored Company Program and Company of the Year competitions and demonstration of incredible leadership skills at such a young age, Dikko was awarded admission a year early into the African Leadership Academy (ALA) for post-secondary studies for the academic year beginning September 2018.

Dikko also credits the leadership and teamwork skills he gained from the Company Program for leading his STEM team to victory during a JAN STEM Innovation Competition in May 2017, where Dikko’s group learned to use Alice 3 software to create an animated advert to generate awareness for the Goal 1 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There were ten student groups in the competition, and the judges were impressed by Dikko’s group’s innovative application of the software to create an outstanding product – as leader of the group, he explained that he motivated his fellow students to do more research online to complement what they had learned in the 3-day workshop so as to create an outstanding end-product, a skill he learned from his participation in the Company Program and several Company of the Year competitions.