National Company of the Year Competition #NCOY2016

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National Company of the Year Competition #NCOY2016 Photos: Student Presentations
Region | South West
Location | Lagos
School | Caro Favored College, Ajegunle
Company Name | Innovative Minds
Company Executives
Diko Bright – President
Anthanesius Virginia – Managing Director
Ifedora Chiamaka – VP Finance
Ogechi Amadi – VP Human Resources
Engr. Kelechukwu Igwe – Teacher

About the company |The members of Innovative Minds produced programmable DOT Matrix LED displays which they were able to sell to the small business owners within the Ajegunle community who were not otherwise able to afford such an elegant way to advertise their products and services. The product was sold with a smart remote control that enabled owners to change the messages scrolling across the screen as often as they deemed necessary without having to engage the services of an IT professional. Over the course of the school year, the team upgraded to an Eco-friendly version that didn’t require a power source due to shortage of electricity supply in their community.In addition to their LED display they also sold black shoe polish as a mini-product to support the development of their main product. It was a fierce competition but Innovative Minds emerged the winner because of the combination of their savvy use of technology, effective marketing and meeting a critical need in their community.

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Region | North Central
Location | Abuja
School | Asokoro Community Staff School, Abuja
Company Name | New Era Company
Company Executives
Okpara Kelechi – VP Production
Gabriel Comfort – VP Public Relations
Ikiriko Deborah – VP Finance
Okafor Ebube – VP Marketing
Mrs. Rachael Akinlo – Teacher

About the company | As a team, they decided to choose the name “New Era” because they strongly believed there is no greater time for change than the present. The effects of global warming are evident in our unfavorable climactic conditions with negative impacts on the welfare of its citizens. This creates the necessity to recycle our waste products and eliminate litter in our environment. Turning trash to treasure is how the New Era Company developed a brilliant way to save our planet. They created all our products by recycling discarded items at little or no cost and resold these items to friends and family.

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Region | South East
Location | Enugu
School | Graceland College, Enugu
Company Name | Golden Scepter Company
Company Executives
Nwamaka Eze – President
Whitney Maduka – VP Human Resources
Obi Okoye – VP Production
Kaeto Nwankwo – VP Finance
Atabo Oruma – Teacher

About the Company: They produced “pom pom” mats made from yarn, Chandeliers and Aquatic tiles. They sold their products to parents in their school and also used the social media to advertise their products. They also created a localized version of Monopoly and for their CSR they visited the Motherless Babies home, Homes for the elderly and created a path to ease the effects of erosion on their school farm.

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Region | North Central
Location | Jos
School | Government Secondary School, Tundun Wada, Jos
Company Name | The Explorers Company
Company Executives
Godiya Sunday Njien – President
John Kure Abba – Vice President
Rosemary Sunday Onoja – Member
Mary Zilly Sunday – Member
Mr. David Mac Ogah – Teacher

About the Company | The Explorers, of Government Secondary School Tudun Wada Jos, Plateau State began with 36 shareholders and grew to 89 shareholders. The company‘s vision is to enhance and improve economic growth through entrepreneurship development and its mission is to develop young vibrate entrepreneur for job creation. The company utilized the huge business potential in cosmetics especially in areas such as kampala making (Tie and dye) knitting paint making, bead-making as well as food processing and preservation.

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Region | South-South
Location | Port Harcourt
School | Methodist Girls Secondary School, Port Harcourt
Company Name | Excellent Achievers Company
Company Executives
Etoma Samuel – President
Christabel Israel – VP Marketing
Hannah Nwamkpa – VP Production
Rahanatu Mahmud – VP Finance
Mr. Igwe Kenneth – Teacher

About the Company |Excellent Achievers Limited Company was made up of students who had skills in a variety of skills such as arts/crafts, science and technology. As a result of these abilities they were able to produce a variety of product for their target market. They produced an Irrigation water system, grocery bags, chandeliers and household products. Their marketing strategy brought them many sales and the company performed well this year according to their financial statement. For CSR they visited a home for the elderly because they understood the need for happiness, health and long life. They presented songs, dance shows, food items and materials. They also visited the Motherless Babies home and organized motivational talks and entrepreneurial skills training, encouraging them to be what God has created them to be.

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