Tell us your JA Story: how, when, and where did you participate?

After graduating as the overall best graduating student of the University of Lagos, Akota in 2014, I was selected to attend the Venture in Management Program organized by JAN in conjunction with Lagos Business School.

 What were the highlights of your JA experience?

Through the program, I was able to meet other brilliant minds from across the country, with whom I was able to build meaningful relationships. The VIMP classes, held at the Lagos Business School, exposed me to a premium business environment with knowledgeable tutors who gave me valuable insights into the Nigerian business landscape. I also had the opportunity to gain volunteer experience through the VIMP.

How did your JA experience change your perception on life, entrepreneurship, etc?

At the VIMP, I took modules on employability skills, leadership, business management and strategy. I believe these courses helped to build and shape my business knowledge as well as my person.

Volunteerism is a big part of JA’s program. What are your memories of the person or people who delivered the program?

I remember Mr. Adegbola quite well. He’s a nice and funny man. All the volunteers I encountered were knowledgeable and welcoming and this made my time at the ViMP a memorable one.

What are you doing now in your life?

I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of Kraks Media Limited, a digital media company and creative agency based in Lagos, Nigeria.

 How did the JA program influence your career path and you in general?

The VIMP gave me my first lessons in business management and strategy. I believe the knowledge gained through the program was instrumental during the formative stages of my first startup (Kraks Media Ltd).

What motivates you? Who are your role models? What books/authors inspire you?

My mission is to build institutions that will impact society positively and outlive my existence. My role models are Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and Gary Vaynerchuk. Books that have inspired me include ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell, ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David J. Schwartz and many others.

What advice would you give to other young Nigerians like yourself?

Nobody owes you anything; not the government, your parents, your friends, nobody! If you want anything, you need to go out and take it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as every failure is a learning opportunity. Network and form meaningful relationships with other people. Always think long-term when making important decisions.

What would you like to say about JAN?

JAN is a brilliant initiative which is beneficial to the Nigerian youth and society. I am forever grateful for the opportunities and experiences it presented to me.




JA Nigeria

JA Nigeria


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