Volunteer Spotlight: Comfort Oladeji

Comfort Oladeji is a student of University of Lagos and she currently volunteer with JA Nigeria teaching JA Company Program.

  1. What is your motivation for volunteering?

I don’t totally believe in the general notion of change through the activities of the government, I believe that for us to achieve the Nigerian state we all crave, we all have to contribute our own quota; a little of our time, knowledge, money and other resources and whatever we could give as much as we can.

Irrespective of how the leaders govern, the followers can as well take the initiative to make the nation a better place for all to live in by maintaining a sane community. And I do always ask myself this question “Of what benefit is it if I preach what I don’t practice?” Speaking is not enough, deliberate actions should also be taken to execute our plans to have a better world. This has always been my motivation; to prove what I believe in.

  1. How would you describe your volunteering experience with JA Nigeria so far?

Well… I’ll say I’ve learnt a lot while having fun, getting to meet new people, speaking with students to build their entrepreneurial skills and learning to work with new people. I have also learnt emotional intelligence, people management, how to motivate myself as well as my team members and at the same time maintaining business ethics. This experience has also helped to improve my leadership skills.

  1. What do you gain from volunteering?

I have gained the satisfaction that the change we desire in our world begin with each individual. Also, the opportunity to be a part of people’s success stories is another great gain of volunteering. I have been able to learn and unlearn by paying attention to other people’s perspectives, it has also helped my team spirit and networking skills.

  1. Why is it important for one to volunteer?

Volunteering is a way to contribute one’s part in creating a better country while gaining experience and knowledge during the process. You also get to grow with people who can vouch for your skills in the future. As a volunteer, you also develop the necessary skills to survive and make impact in the corporate world.

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