Volunteer Spotlight: Chijioke H Oji

Chijioke H Oji is a banker and currently volunteer with JA Nigeria in Port Harcourt to implement various programs – Future First/Company Program and Career success program.

  1. What was your motivation for volunteering with JA Nigeria?

People, giving back to the society, passion for service and causing a positive change

  1. How would you describe your volunteering experience with JA Nigeria so far?

It has been worth the while, the experience has been revealing and mind boggling especially the interactions with the students and the ideas they come up with.

  1. What has been the highlight of your volunteering with JA Nigeria?

Being a judge has really exposed me to diverse ideas and viewpoints especially when it relates to bringing imaginations to reality and creativity.

  1. Why is it important for one to volunteer?

It is always an opportunity to give back to the society; time, skill and resources and seeing humanity impacted positively.


JA Nigeria

JA Nigeria