JA Nigeria continue its Virtual Conversation Series

In the month of May, we hosted two virtual conversations, engaging seasoned experts on various topics to the benefits of our stakeholders. The first conversation was with Isioma Coker, an experienced HR professional. She gave practical tips on how young professional and corporate entities can navigate this period successfully while explaining what to do prepare for life after COVID-19.

The video to the session can be accessed here.

The second virtual chat was with Sanya Odunsi, Executive Director, Bytesize. He shared his experience on how the COVID-19 pandemic cornered him to turn his passion – cooking – to profit. He now takes orders for food delivery as the co-founder of Farm and Oceans. He discussed how he has been able to manage his ‘9 – 5’ job and his passion for cooking. He also expounded on what to expect Post-COVID-19.

You can watch the video on IGTV here.

Watch out for more interesting virtual conversations in June!

JA Nigeria

JA Nigeria