Volunteer Spotlight: Iyanu Adams

Iyanu Adams is Product Manager and Front-End Developer who has consistently volunteered with JA Nigeria to implement its digital programs.

What was your motivation for volunteering with JA Nigeria?

My major motivation for volunteering with JA Nigeria is that I have always been looking for an existing platform doing social good that I can leverage on to make a positive impact and meaningful contribution using my expertise. JA Nigeria was just a perfect platform for me to make that dream come to reality.

How would you describe your volunteering experience with JA Nigeria so far?

Volunteering has really been a great experience. From meeting awesome people to getting to work on interesting projects to learning about great projects JA Nigeria is working on. It is worth the commitment.

What has been the highlight of your volunteering with JA Nigeria?

Getting to work on things I am passionate about has been my major highlight for volunteering with JA Nigeria.

Why is it important for one to volunteer?

Volunteering gives you a chance to show that you’re interested in things bigger than yourself, and you are willing to take action to make the changes you want in the world—and that will always help you shine through the competition. It is also a fun way to meet new people and strengthen existing relationships.

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