Volunteering is Key in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, Here is Why…

The Sustainable Development Goals, otherwise known as SDG goals, were articulated at a United Nations Conference in Brazil in 2012. Moreover, since its inception, these goals have become foundational for the economic, political, and social objectives formed by nations of the world, especially the 193 countries that have adopted the SDGs. Hence, it should be recognized that the government of each country is only able to achieve so much of these goals on its own amidst the intense reality they are faced with. This is where volunteerism becomes valuable. 

By its nature, volunteerism seeks to enrich a people through service; whether it is feeding impoverished kids in rural communities or providing access to quality education. Volunteerism seeks to make lives and societies better.

A close look at the objectives of volunteering and the SDG goals immediately shows the similarity that exists in both pursuits. The SDG goals aim to make the world a better place by meeting basic human needs while volunteerism aims to improve the world by serving in any area where service is required.

Truly, the organizations who take on the responsibility of one or more of SDG goals have an obligation to include sustainable solutions towards developmental plans. Nevertheless, in certain situation they are unable to do enough probably because they have become so steeped in organizational activities that it begins to lose the trust of its people, volunteers take the reins and go farther in connecting better with their beneficiary’s needs, thereby equipping them to proffer valuable solutions.

Simply put, volunteers meet unique needs in a way that is personal to their beneficiaries.

Not yet convinced? Well here is another reason why you should volunteer. Volunteerism plays a vital role in engaging citizens to be a part of societal development. United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon said, “Volunteerism can help to expand and mobilize constituencies, it helps to engage people in national planning and implementation for sustainable development goals.” This is important to note because oftentimes, the contribution people most appreciate are those they are a part of creating.

Volunteerism quickens the achievement of the SDG goals. At JA Nigeria, with the assistance of over 500 volunteers, we have reached out to over one million students and are still even reaching more in this period. Our volunteers are able to tackle each of the SDGs we are aiming for with a great focus that in turn inspires our program beneficiaries to take on volunteering as a lifestyle.

Finally, volunteerism enables citizens to become responsible for the attainment of the SDG goals, and with this, we celebrate our volunteers while also welcoming more persons on board to drive our mission to fruition.

To all our Volunteers out there, this is just to let you know that, you matter!

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