You too need a piggy box…

Others call it ‘Kolo’ but we’ll rather call it the power box! Money they say is power so wherever you keep it becomes powerful… Oh! Now you get it!

Oftentimes people downplay the power of a piggy box, some see it as childish and only kids should own one. Well as much as every kid should own one (because it is important to start a saving culture early), nonetheless, it is absolutely not out of place for an adult to have one too. Here are the reasons why…

First, you can now Invest all those little changes from your daily spending. Often times than not, we plan to spend a certain amount of money per day but for the purpose of wise spending or not, we don’t spend it all. Rather than just splurge the little change on what is actually not so important just drop it in your piggy box. Remember, little drops of water make an ocean.

Secondly, it builds anticipation of excitement and joy. How would you feel just passing by your box daily, knowing it is ‘loaded’? Excited of course! This is definitely the kind of exciting anticipation we all need.

Thirdly, it is a quick way to keep that cash safe. Especially in a country like ours, transferring money could be a hassle sometimes especially when it is a small sum of money for example 200 naira. It even becomes more of a problem when you think about the transfer charges. Why stress so much when you could just drop it in ‘the box’.

Lastly, you cannot pick money from it! Although this might should like bad news but it is a good thing. If you would like to get some money from it, you will have to break the whole box. You do not want to spoil the anticipation abruptly.

Get yourself a piggy box today and let us start saving!


JA Nigeria

JA Nigeria