Alumni Spotlight: Sandra Ajaja

The story of Sandra Ajaja is like giving a cure to the burning desire that this generation yearns for, the desire of achieving a gender-balanced society.  Research shows that just 3% of African women fall in the category of tech-related fields and this has caused a huge bridge in gender equality. Sandra Ajaja falls in the category of young tech women trying to bridge the gap as she fights for a goal that doubles as the number 5 goal in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Using diverse creative means, Sandra aims to settle the dearth of women in tech by providing more opportunities to women.

Sandra Ajaja is the founder of FemPower Initiative Africa – a community of women, co-creating the future, collaboratively building the new face of technology, entrepreneurship and leadership in Africa.

Through FemPower Africa, Sandra has built a community that enables female techpreneurs to build a solid business foundation, utilize its partners’ technology, and build a profitable network. The initiative serves as a self-sustaining community that takes a collaborative approach to learn, share content and build viable businesses.

According to Sandra, who is a ViMP 2019 alum and a proud scholar of the Commonwealth, she said “Women business owners get nearly 50% less in funding than their male counterparts. We are solving these problems by building a community of women innovators passionate about using technology to change the world. We are connecting women and people who have developed these skill-sets to the larger majority that need it by organizing technology and digital skills workshops, entrepreneurship training, technology events, conferences, online meetups and learning sessions.”

“We are enabling the distribution of knowledge and capital. By creating a collaborative economy and culture around knowledge and resource sharing, our women have been able to lift one another up.” Sandra added

In an interview with the Nigerian Tribune, Sandra expressed how her opportunity to study at Lagos Business School, through ViMP provided her with the knowledge to further advance her dream of empowering women. In her words, “the more one knows, the more one can impact.” She explained that programs such as her Mini-MBA at Lagos Business School earned her the access to meet great minds and expose her to exceptional opportunities to achieving her dreams.

Her goal is to provide a thriving community for women using technology and to help in entrepreneurship, leadership and technology education in Africa. She believes that women in Nigeria, Africa need to start learning how to add technology to their businesses and operations so they can begin to lead high-growth companies and enterprises.

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