Volunteer Spotlight: Kayode Faluyi

Faluyi Kayode Mofolorunsho, a Business Development/Marketing Officer at University of Lagos Business School, volunteers to teach JA Company Program in Lagos. He’s volunteering with JAN because of his shared vision for education in Nigeria which aligns with the JA Nigeria vision and mission.
Read excerpt below:
What was your motivation for volunteering with JA Nigeria?
I decided to volunteer for JA Nigeria because it aligns with my vision for education in Nigeria and I saw it as an opportunity to make an impact in people’s lives. I also wanted to improve my public speaking skills.
How would you describe your volunteering experience with JA Nigeria so far?
It has been an exciting journey so far because I got the opportunity to learn from JA Nigeria during the training and also gain more insights from my students.
What has been the highlight of your volunteering with JA Nigeria?
The management elections for the student company were the highlight of the training so far because the students elected people based on who they can trust with the responsibilities.
Why is it important to volunteer?
I believe volunteering gives you the opportunity to serve and also take responsibility in order to add value to people, environment, country and make the world a better place than you met it.
Tell us a fun fact about yourself
I love serving.
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