As part of the target of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) of having 80% inclusion within the next two years, given that only 40 percent of adults in Nigeria are included in the financial system, the Bankers’ Committee, as the umbrella body of Nigerian banks’ managing directors and top officials of CBN, has partnered with Junior Achievement Nigeria to celebrate the Global Money Week 2021.  

Global Money Week is an annual global awareness-raising initiative that emphasizes the importance of ensuring that young people are financially conscious from a young age. It is aimed at ensuring that they progressively acquire the information, skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed to make sound financial decisions, achieve financial well-being and financial resilience. The theme for GMW2021 is “Take care of yourself, take care of your money”. 

This year, JAN in partnership with the Banker’s committee celebrated Global Money Week with a 7-day long event.  We hosted the financial literacy day on Thursday of the week simultaneously in select schools across the country in compliance with the national COVID-19 health safety regulations.  Focused on the mindset of creating a financially literate generation, financial institutions came together and mentored JAN participants on financial literacy modules created by JA Nigeria.

This partnership ensured that the ultimate goal of the Global Money Week which is to ensure that all children and youth have access to high-quality financial education, learn about money matters, and are able to make smart financial decisions that can improve their future financial well-being are achieved.

According to the Executive Director, Junior Achievement Nigeria, Foluso Gbadamosi, she stated that “It is possible to live a financially healthy life and wise for us to catch them young enough not only to own up to this belief but to learn the “how” of financial freedom. We believe that every child has the capacity to own their economic future with the right information and environment, financial education not excluded.

We appreciate the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Banker’s Committee for their partnership with JA Nigeria to enable financial literacy education in the lives of children and young adults. 

JA Nigeria

JA Nigeria