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JA Nigeria, GZI Promote Recycling through Every Can Count Implementation

The Every Can Count Program is an educational program for primary and secondary school students between the ages of 11 to 13  in Nigeria. This program was birthed from a partnership with Novelis/GZI to educate and develop the attitude of recycling, land-free pollution and aluminum production in the lives of young people.

As we prepare for its implementation in May, volunteers are being recruited to take students on a journey to achieving these goals. Using a 3 weeks plan guide where children learn about the process of recycling cans and its importance, set of rules for resource sharing for a sustainable future and becoming the entrepreneur who cares about a sustainable future.

Currently, the program is being implemented in Aba and Lagos and ends with the counting competition in those states. We appreciate GZI for partnering with us to ensure that kids are trained with the value needed to develop our world. 


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