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LEAD Camp: Celebrating 20 Years of Raising Young Girls to become High Achieving Women

As we prepare for yet another edition of LEAD Camp, this year’s edition doubles as the 20th edition and it’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate amazing young girls that have participated in the program and are now leading transformational change in their respective sectors.

The Leadership, Empowerment, Achievement and Development (LEAD) Camp is designed to inspire and empower young girls to become high-achieving women leaders in our society.  As implied, it consists of activities in leadership, empowerment, achievement and development. These activities are supported by leading women from the private and public sectors in Nigeria serving as mentors.

During the course of the program,  participants are taken through series of activities, which include leadership workshops, empowerment sessions with leading women from various sectors, industries and non-profit initiatives (including government), achievement of media projects designed to raise awareness about the empowerment of the girl-child, and, finally, self-development sessions on important topics ranging from career planning and financial literacy to personal hygiene and sexual reproductive health.

To be eligible, participants must have participated in JAN’s flagship Company Program, been recommended by the teachers and volunteers who run the program and maintained a leadership role in the Company. JAN Company Program provides training in the different facets of setting up and running a business. Skills developed include market research, writing a business plan, creating an annual report, raising capital, managing all aspects of running the business while keeping adequate financial records, liquidating the company and returning profits to shareholders as dividends while demonstrating corporate social responsibility


We appreciate Union bank for partnering with us over the last ____ years, ensuring a successful implementation of this program.


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