Register Today! JA Nigeria to host ‘Financial Literacy for Kids by Kids’

To mark a memorable celebration for children’s day, we will be hosting a young finance genius, David Famoti to facilitate a virtual financial literacy session on the 5th of June by 3pm.  David Famoti is a son to Motunrayo Ade-Famoti, CEO Money Steward who teaches other children on money matters.  Here’s the inspiration behind the theme  “Financial Literacy for Kids by Kids”!

The session aims to help young people develop a healthy relationship with money from a very young age. It will touch on smart money-making decisions and ultimately equip them with financial literacy skills.

Money anxiety is real. Yes, wealth takes discipline and smart money-making decisions. We assure you, this event has your benefit in mind. 

To register your child/ward, please visit:

JA Nigeria

JA Nigeria