FL4Kids: “Why spend money on an Apple wristwatch when you can invest in an Apple Store”

We had a special edition for a children’s day event, were you there? To be honest, we are all aware that many people are going into debt even if they’ve passed through the four walls of an institution, got employed or are harnessing gains from a lucrative business.  A question we should ask is why? 

On the 5th of June, 3 pm, David Famoti took us on a smooth talk on the need for financial management and how children can be taken from the basic to complex of financial management.  He explained the importance of schools teaching financial management basics such as savings, borrowing, budgeting and debt management etc.

In David’s words, ‘’the earlier you start, the better. Why spend money on an apple wristwatch when you can invest in an apple store?”  As we journeyed through the session with the 11-year-old, he opened us up to the benefits of stocks and how it doubles as a good resource to make money.  Here are some stock stores we learned from Apple, Yahoo Finance, Tesla and Facebook. Other investment apps we touched on include: Robin.com, trade212, Bamboo, PiggyVest and Cowry wise.

David Famoti is the son of Motunrayo Famoti, CEO Money Steward who teaches people on money matters such as saving, investment/stocks and the likes. 

JA Nigeria

JA Nigeria