LEAD Camp at 20: 300 Girls, 40 Speakers, 1 Stage

Your favourite girl program is closer than you can imagine! July 26th -30th will have us celebrating 20 years of inspiring and empowering young girls to become high achieving women and the 2021 edition of LEAD Camp. 

The goal of the Leadership, Empowerment, Achievement and Development Program is to nurture Senior Secondary School girls through diverse engagements with leading women from various sectors and industries. Also, via the program, we will raise awareness about the empowerment of the girl-child, and self-development sessions on important topics ranging from career planning and financial literacy to personal hygiene and sexual reproductive health.

To be a part of LEAD Camp 2021, participants must have participated in running the Junior Achievement flagship Company Program.  The JAN Company Program provides training in the different phases of planning and running a business. Skills developed include market research, writing a business plan, creating an annual report, raising capital, managing all aspects of running the business while keeping adequate financial records, liquidating the company and returning profits to shareholders as dividends, while demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

JA Nigeria

JA Nigeria