Volunteer Spotlight: Alfred Collins

Alfred Collins volunteers with JA Nigeria to help recruit schools for the organisation in his host community, Ota, Ogun State. Realizing that no school in his community has benefitted from the numerous impactful JAN programs, he saw the need to propagate the JAN good news leading to the expansion of JAN programs to Ota Community.

What was your motivation for volunteering with JA Nigeria?

Realizing no schools in my host community had ever benefitted from the impact-oriented programs at JA Nigeria

How would you describe your volunteering experience with JA Nigeria so far?

Adventurous! A new tale with each child encountered

What has been the highlight of your volunteering with JA Nigeria

Seeing the eyes of every child in the class lit up when it dawns on them that they can create solutions to real-life problems

Why is it important to volunteer?

The Future doesn’t belong to a distant time but to every man/woman committed to crafting its outlines… A Volunteering opportunity with JA Nigeria is for me the perfect platform to shape the Future

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I have an Addiction!! For soft, white, BREAD

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