Why Girls Empowerment is Important More than Ever

If there is anything the past year has taught us, it is that life is unpredictable and even though being prepared can sometimes seem impractical, failing to plan is planning to fail. LEAD Camp is an effort that solves issues potentially facing female youth. It is centered around developing skills that will enable young girls to become self-aware, independent and financially literate as they mature. 

As technology becomes a more valuable asset to our world, utilizing basic principles developed in the program will ensure that at least a portion of young girls will be competent enough to make a way for themselves in this ever-changing world. The point of LEAD Camp is to sow a seed, a seed growing to yield fruits. Our programs and alumni are wired to deliver impacts in their communities as we create road map that gives room for more change agents. A portion of our country is already plagued with vast unemployment, standing idly by and watching as other countries make vast advancements without empowering ours to do same or more gives room for more oppression and ignorance.

As people begin to see the capability of these girls, the next generation is bound to be more diverse on the basis of sex. Issues regarding wage gaps, mistreatment and sexism in our society will begin to dissipate. Exposing more women to these roles will have an unimaginable impact on young girls as they see more people in power who they can relate with and aspire to be like someday. Empowerment is rendered useless if its effects do not eventually develop chains of impact, be it generational or in one’s immediate family.


JA Nigeria

JA Nigeria