2021 National Company of the Year Competition

The National Company of the Year Competition (NCOY) is an annual flagship program of Junior Achievement Nigeria. On the 6th of November, JA Nigeria student companies who are winners from the Regional Company of the Year competition will be presenting the results of their enterprise before a panel of independent judges. What an awesome experience it would be for students from different regions to present their business solutions; business solutions capable of driving impact in their community even as they make a profit. 

In preparation for the NCOY, students were trained by JAN’s seasoned volunteers and were journeyed from the stage of owning up their idea to the stage of implementing them and giving birth to a full-blown vision. An intriguing transformation takes place in the course of these 13 weeks leaving  JA Nigeria Schools from different parts of the country to learn skills such as creativity, collaboration,  accountability, decision making, public speaking, critical thinking and other skills that puts them at an advantage.

As the 2021 NCOY draws closer, we are super excited to have these young talents showcase their skills, talents, business solutions and profit even as they compete for the Africa Company of the Year stage. 

We are grateful to our board members who double as our partner, First Bank of Nigeria for their impact on the lives of young people. JA Nigeria is forever glad to partner with you in training young conscientious business leaders.

JA Nigeria

JA Nigeria