Why Mental Health is Sacred to Every Young Professional

:By Ololade Oloniyo

It is true that most young professionals love to work well at their respective organizations and want to be recognized for the amazing work they do. They take pride in doing stunning work that contributes to society and prefer to see the mission of their employers as their own goals. Many young people work longer hours than is required on the job because they are so passionate about the work they do and want the emotional rewards that come from making a meaningful difference in society. 

However, on second thought, it might be a little scary when young professionals sacrifice all including their mental health and their overall well being for recognition or visibility at work. It’s okay to seek opportunities to develop untapped talent but unwise to take on more assignments than you can handle. Feeling out of control on the job, taking on multiple roles, over multitasking, lack of energy and exhaustion are all symptoms of burn-out which grossly affects your mental health.

Work-place burn-out remains the most common type of challenge young professionals face today. A Gallup study reveals that 23% of young professionals experience burnout very often and 44% feel burnt out sometimes. Of course, the direct consequence of burnout is disinterest in the job and poor mental health.

Mental health is the best gift you can give to yourself as you grow your career and aspire for the best opportunities. Mental health begins with knowing that you have to take good care of yourself before you can help others. You are important too! And if you will do the work excellently well, your mental well-being is a priority.

When it comes to staying mentally strong and healthy, the old adage is applicable: prevention is better than cure. 

Ensure you deal with assigned tasks within time. Avoid procrastination, the end result is lots of work piled up with little time to get it done. Of course, give yourself some spare time to unwind. No matter how passionate you are about what you do, avoid taking assigned work from the office to your house; you need time outside of work to unwind from the stressful environment and look after your well-being.

Deliberately choose your meal, avoid ordering too many processed foods or unhealthy snacks, when at work. Inadequate diet leads to fatigue, impaired decision making, stress and depression. To boost your mental health, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.  Nut, legumes, beans and lentils are all excellent brain foods. 

Keep records of your commitments and regularly review to see if you are doing more than you can handle. If the result of your check-up shows that you are doing too much, politely ask your manager to re-assign the task or request that more people be added to your team. 

Your ambition and career moves could suffer if you ignore personal stress and mental hygiene; however, if you deliberately pay attention to your mental health, it might be the real game-changer you need.

Having a mental health mindset is the new priority for young people who are keen on personal and professional advancement.

Remember this, there is no wealth without health!


Happy World Mental Health Day!

JA Nigeria

JA Nigeria