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How to Win Your Way to Grad School

There are several setbacks young people face in their pursuit for a  graduate degree, especially one outside their homes country.  We figured a bulk of these issues could be solved if youths were armed with the right information / successful tips needed to help them win their way to grad school. You will agree with us that as wide as the internet is, some successful tips to winning your way to grad school can not be articulated to balance every need of a potential grad school; JA Nigeria winning your way to Grad School Webinar brought this balance. 

On the 21st of October, 2021, the Junior Achievement Nigeria Winning your way to Grad School had 3 amazing scholars (Caleb Adebayo, Ifeoluwa Ogunbufunmi and Franklin Nwachukwu) explain facts to having a smooth application process. Ranging from matters on selecting a school, researching the selected school, setting a sheet for funding, standardized tests scores (based on programs requirement), recommendations to Statements of purpose, the webinar touched on these aspects.

Another key aspect every scholar had to look into was the intention behind going to grad school. While we are keen on ensuring that every young people had a realistic grad school ride,  the need to understand the motive behind the pursuit cannot be overemphasized as this gives applicants a motivation to push through their dreams. 

Were you there? If not, be sure that you missed a whole lot! Not to worry, we thought about you. Use this link to watch recorded sessions.


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