Alumni Spotlight: Ayodeji Ologundudu

We are always proud of our alumni. Meet Toheeb Ayodeji Ologundudu, a 2019 Venture in Management Program alum and a postgraduate student at one of the leading universities in Russia where he is currently pursuing a degree in management. 

Ayodeji is motivated by the intrinsic drive to be successful in academics and profession. He acknowledges that his participation in ViMP moulded his thoughts and set him on a journey in management.

“The ViMP program was the university I needed to attend. There, I was introduced to management education/concepts, I was able to network, I learned to be creative and critical with thinking during case problems analysis, I learned corporate communication. These are the technical and employability skills that got me a job 7 months after ViMP. 2 years after, the skills became more relevant. It’s a real life-changing experience for me, professionally”

“Currently, I can assume my background in management through ViMP as a major consideration for my graduate school acceptance to study Management. I can also talk about my participatory performance in class as someone who has previous management classroom experience. ViMP was also the determining factor for my previous role at Junior Achievement Nigeria until I decided to leave after two years to pursue further studies.

He encourages young people to be intentional about self-development and leverage opportunities around them for personal growth.

“For young persons that are aiming for a career in finance or management, I will recommend participation in ViMP, although fiercely competitive; there are other preparatory programs to serve as a launchpad, e.g McKinsey Forward, I will also recommend participation in business case competition/challenge, most Big 3(McKinsey, Bain and Co, BCG) and Big 4 (KPMG, PWC, EY & Deloitte) recruit interns from there. Take professional examinations, YouTube videos are a great resource, and lastly, become a volunteer (not the usual volunteering, but with firms to understand business processes) these might be unpaid roles, but they are more effective in bringing you closer to how corporations operate”.

When Ayodeji is not thinking about management, he prefers to enjoy his solitude as a hobby though he can be very playful whilst looking serious concomitantly.

JA Nigeria

JA Nigeria