Alumni Spotlight: Victor Bella

Name: Bella Victor

Designation: Founder & CEO

Age : 26

What motivates you: Talking about motivation, I believe you can’t easily separate it from my passion – to see others grow. Many people know me for Socialander but it is not my first big leap. Before socialander, I founded the Student Business Club to help small businesses come alive and grow because I am strongly motivated to help people succeed. This is the same reason why I keep helping businesses scale through socialander.

When did Socialander start and what inspired you to go on this journey?

I started Socialander not long after I left KPMG; this was crowned by my experience at VIMP where I was equipped with both knowledge, experience, and a strong professional network that helped me set up Socialander Digital Agency. My time at KPMG was great but because I understood early that digitization is not an option for businesses that want to succeed in our day and age, I decided otherwise.

What impact did the ViMP have on your career path? The ViMP was another catapult for my entrepreneurial and management career after KPMG. It was my time at ViMP that broadened my view on effective business-building management concepts. With the opportunity to network, I built relationships that have helped me at various stages of my journey as the founder of one of Africa’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, especially in hiring the best talents. Most of our employees at socialander came as recommendations from my ViMP classmates – they are simply the best. Aside from gathering talents, my time at VIMP spiked my creative and critical thinking juices, especially during case problems analysis. A lot of these things that some may see as little are the skills that have made my company so attractive to even multinationals. 

Barely 4 years after starting my company, and only about 2 years after VIMP, I have been opportune to get offers from Ivy League schools such as Standard and MIT for different high-level programs. You just can’t take VIMP out of my success story.

What impact is it currently playing in your current role as the CEO of Socialander?


Most of my learnings on business leadership at ViMP are like pillars for our operations at socialander. One of the reasons why I decided to invest more myself is because of how much value I got from the ViMP program. This led me to enroll in the Lagos Business School (LBS) Executive program called Owners Manager Program in 2021, just a year after my ViMP Program.

It is clear that ViMP does not water down its teachings because it is targeted at young people. I say this because I have identified some of my lecturers from my time at ViMP as part of our current Board of Advisors for my LBS Executive Management program.

Ever since ViMP, the fire to get better and build better through leadership has not stopped burning in me. This is clearly one of the reasons why I’ve been able to build this much with Socialander.

What advice would you like to give younger people who are aiming your path?

Don’t stay intoxicated with tradition; leverage programs like VIMP that help you think better, be creative and evolve better ways to do things for the benefit of your generation. That is how you find great fulfillment – some call it success.

You don’t have to be CEO to make a difference or leave a mark on your generation but if you have to be one, don’t shy away from it. Embrace your passion with both arms. Nothing hurts more than regret that you could have done better.

What is success to you?

Success is a big word and it means different things to different people but for me, I find success every time I influence the growth of an individual, business, or organization. With the knowledge that my actions will lead to a ripple of the positive impact that reaches a greater number of people across Africa through these individuals, businesses, and organizations, I find satisfaction and joy. I know that as I continue to build others, I too will continue to grow. And emerge one day as the No. 1 impact catalyst and digital marketing agency in Africa. This is my success.

Your hobbies: I love reading books about business and founder’s stories.

Fun Fact about you: I prefer playing golf to soccer.


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