Alumni Spotlight: Vincent Eke

We are always proud of our alumni. Meet Vincent Eke, a 2020 Venture in Management Program (ViMP) alum who is currently studying at Sciences Po, France to bag a Master of Science degree in International Management and Sustainability. Victor acknowledged that his participation in ViMP shaped his career path, giving him more clarity on how to achieve his long-term goals while devising creative tactical means to attain his short-term goals. Read excerpts below:


Eke Vincent Ihunanyachukwu


Student/Climate Change Strategist

What motivates you:

The big picture of who I want to be and the impact stories I’ll like to create globally. 

What’s your life goal?

To enjoy good personal and professional success.  

What impact did the ViMP program have in your career path? 

It really helped me understand the “why”. You know, it is very easy to get absorbed in a lot of things or activities these days. Knowing the “why” of anything really helps save energy, time and other resources. This was my biggest take-home lesson from the entire program.

What impact is it currently playing in your current role?

I accepted my current role because I was able to make a link between the role and where I am headed professionally (in my head at least ?). My current role somewhat prepares me for the bigger picture I have of myself professionally.  So from the moment I started applying, I had the “why” at the back of my mind. 

What advice would you like to give younger people who are aiming for your career path?

Nobody has it all figured out. Or I’ll rephrase; I am yet to come across anyone who completely has it figured out. Dream wide and follow through aggressively, while also making room for flexibility. You need guts (a lot of it ), you need people (it could get really crazy/overwhelming sometimes but the right people in your life could make a lot of difference) and if you believe in prayers, by all means, pray. I believe so I pray to God for guidance too. 

Your hobbies: 

Watching athletics videos on YouTube, listening to music, reading in transit, watching football videos and having a good time. 

Fun Fact about you:

Good food is therapeutic for me.

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