Alumni Spotlight – Israel Alabi

Name: Israel Alabi 

Designation: Co-founder, Farmspeak Technology; Author, The First-class Edge 

What motivates you:

What’s your life goal? I want to be a global business icon, providing solutions for and inspiring millions of people

What impact did the ViMP program have in your career path? 

When I attended ViMP 2020, I felt a bit overwhelmed considering the profile of some of my colleagues. 

However, during the programme, I realised that although I was just starting to “bud”, I had a future ahead of me to make an impact and build an impressive profile. 

I came out of my shell and networked extensively with co-attendees. In the process, I became aware of the mindset, skillset and habits that make for personal and career success. 

Being in an environment that promotes competitiveness and excellence, and amidst world-class faculties reshaped my mind completely. 

I left the programme a transformed man, ready to touch his world positively.  

What impact is it currently playing in your current role?

I believe that ViMP gave me wings to soar and the confidence to explore my passion and dreams. 

Mrs. Simi Nwogugu’s story of how she started Junior Achievement Nigeria still pops up in my mind every now and then. I hope to become a pioneer someday. 

The lessons I learned from the business development, pitching, leadership, negotiation, marketing and entrepreneurship modules have stayed with me and guided me along this path. 

What advice would you like to give younger people who are aiming for your career path?

Getting into the right communities and networks is a career hack for any serious-minded person. 

ViMP features prominently amongst my most important communities because it connected me with awesome colleagues, business partners and inspirations. 

With all thy getting, get into progressive, positive and proactive groups. 

Also, feel free to dream and follow your visions. It won’t be easy but it can be simplified for you by connecting with mentors, smart colleagues and knowledgeable faculties. 

Like my mentor always tells me – seek to balance your future aspirations with your current pursuits so that you can win today, as well as tomorrow.  

Your hobbies: Writing, visiting new places, meeting people and seeing movies. 

Fun Fact about you: My favourite business hero is Steve Jobs because of how he recreated Apple Computer to a technology superpower. 

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