Volunteer Spotlight: Ayomide Adekola

Name: Ayomide Adekola

Profession or Vocation: Student/Project management enthusiast

What program are you enrolled in?

JA Company program

What was your motivation for being with JA Nigeria?

I’ve always been in search of the opportunity to work with an organisation that has programs with secondary school students beyond one-time engagements and I found JAN as the perfect opportunity to work directly with young people and support their growth.

How would you describe your experience with JA Nigeria so far?

Amazing! I’ve had to relearn how to engage younger people, resolve conflicts and form relationships with them. It has been great so far. 

What has been the highlight of your engagement with JA Nigeria?

I think the highlight, for now, will be the fact that I see the eagerness to learn in the eyes of the students and they are getting better with time.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I can go to any length for anything or anyone I care about as long as I have the means.

JA Nigeria

JA Nigeria