Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Rivers, Jos Implement 2022 Regional Company of the Year (RCOY) Competition

Starting a company from the start to the profit-making stage requires tenacity and other managerial skills. For 13 weeks, the Junior Achievement Student companies in different geopolitical zones have been able to start and run a business under the tutelage of seasoned volunteers. 

In the month of July and August, Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Rivers and Jos student companies presented their company product and competed with other students in their region.

From Lagos, Green Apex Company from International School, University of Lagos emerged as champions! They produced Biodegradable Sanitary pad for women to help more girls have access to reusable sanitary pad and stay hygienic during their menstrual cycle. Hope Empire Company from Ireti Senior Grammar School itched second place; they produced throw pillows and tables out of recycled waste products to promote standards of living. Vita Legendary Company from Vita Catholic College came the second runner-up; they made polish from black soot to reduce air pollution.

Moving on to Ogun, Champion squad student company from Taidob College emerged winners for producing unique Adire Totes. The unique wearable totes were made from a revamping process of used clothes with creative and fashionable local adire (tie and dye) design; Golden Investment student company from First Golden Grace International School came second. They made a multipurpose insecticide named Terminator – an agricultural-based insecticide and rodenticide which can also be used at home and; Junior Investors student company from Anglican Mission Grammar School took the third position. They made a creative Piggy Bank which was made from the recycling of used pet bottles.

In Oyo, High Aims student company from Seed of Life College A, Onireke; they developed a website named “School for You” which is aimed at a peer-to-peer learning system for secondary school students. For 1st Runner up: Exclusive Online Pharmaceutical student company from Seed of Life College B and they developed an Online Pharmacy to ease drugs purchase from registered pharmacies in Nigeria and Winner: Nexus Queens Creation student company from Queens School, Ibadan. They produced a decorative led lamp structured with 80% of the carton. It is a multipurpose lamp that can be used for brightening a small area and decoration in places like hotels, bars, restaurants, lounges and bedsides.

From Rivers, we had Ambitional Achievers student company from Community Secondary School Bonny Finima Rivers as 2nd runner up: they developed a product named “Ambitional Aqua Snack ” and “ Ambitional Torchlight. Ambitional aqua snack is nutritional for the heart and good for diabetics patients while Ambitional torch is a rechargeable torch with a lasting power of 48hours. Gifted Mind student company from Community Comprehensive Secondary School emerged 1st runner up. They made Our pompom (unisex) accessories such as table vases, hair bands, pins, bouquets, key holders, etc. OCTAGRAM student company from Redeemer’s Int’l Secondary School in Rivers State won the competition! They produced a Gas detector that alerts users about leakages to prevent loss of properties and their second product; Honey candy is a sweet that aids digestion, heals the sore throat and reduces cholesterol.

Special thank you to Citi Foundation and ACT Foundation for supporting the implementation of the JA Company Program in different Regions of the country.  Winners get to represent Nigeria at NCOY 2021

JA Nigeria

JA Nigeria