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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022: How SMEs can build a successful business

Starting a business is no easy feat. From idea generation to launching, execution, marketing and keeping financial records while trying to satisfy your consumers, are challenges entrepreneurs face alone. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers, and problem solvers and they amount to 582 million of the world’s population. Amidst the risks taken, success

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Fueling Changemakers: FirstBank of Nigeria’s Commitment to Junior Achievement Nigeria’s National Company of the Year Competition

The issue of unemployment is one of the most pressing economic concerns affecting developing countries like Nigeria. According to Statista, the unemployment rate in Nigeria was estimated to reach 33 percent in 2022.  In a report by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), Nigeria is the foremost country for business and

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Winners emerge at Junior Achievement Nigeria 2022 National Company of the Year (NCOY) Competition in Partnership with First Bank Nigeria

Junior Achievement Nigeria has partnered with FirstBank Nigeria to implement the 22nd National Company of the Year (NCOY) Competition on October 13th, 2022 and crown its winners. The 22nd National Company of the Year (NCOY) competition which is the capstone project for the Junior Achievement Company Program, gathered 12 winning

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