“JA experience prepared me to run multi-business like a pro” – JAN Alumna Damilola

Damilola Awe, Founder and Chief farmer at Ddee Farms share her JA experience owing to her participation in the JA Company Program in 2007. She acknowledges that the program opened her to the entrepreneurship world and shaped her career path, guiding her into becoming a successful business person. Excerpts below…
Name: Damilola Awe

Designation: Founder and Chief farmer at Ddee Farms, Founder of Fresh Paradise

What motivates you: The Holy Spirit

What’s your life goal(Philosophy)? Making my world a better place than I met it.

What JAN Program did you participate in? What year?
In 2007 I was in S.S.2 and I participated in the program that was being organized, I think it’s the JA Company Program. I contested for the post of President and I won, we sold shares and started a business that term.

What are the things you learned?
My participation in Company Program was my first real business school. I learned how to start a business, how to raise funds for a business, customer service and retainership, human resources, how to settle disputes among team members, bringing new ideas to satisfy customers’ wants, and the challenges that business faces, etc.

How would you describe your experience with the program?
It was the very best that happened to me in secondary school. It opened my eyes to the world of business and gave me the very confidence I needed. I would say it was the perfect foundation I needed as a business person. Now I run a multi-business like a pro despite the challenges involved. It helped me build my tenacity and my staying power.

What impact did the program have on your career path?
Now I am fully in the agricultural space without even studying anything related to it! When it was time to switch careers and go full-time into business, it happened like I already had the skill but the JA experience prepared me for it because after the program I went into several businesses while in university and afterward.

What impact is it currently playing in your current role?
All skills I acquired are being amplified now in my business and I am getting positive results

How relevant are the learnings to current realities?
Super relevant

What advice would you like to give younger people who are aiming for your career path?
If they have the opportunity to be a part of this program they should jump at it. It’s 3 months of jaw-dropping practical training that no business school would give you.

Your hobbies: Making money

Fun fact about you: Very energetic and doesn’t take NO for an answer. I am a farmer but I don’t like stress

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