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5 ways to advance gender equality through technology and Innovation

Starting a career in the technology industry may be difficult, especially for female Gen Zers, due to a variety of systemic challenges with gender equality as well as the sector’s predominance of male talent. Though born into a technologically advanced generation, female Gen Zs are still being left behind. Research

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Volunteering is a social development concept and an active expression of civic participation, rendering services by choice or free will to organizations, individuals and groups. Volunteering helps to build relationships and foster social inclusion and solidarity. According to Statista, the efforts of volunteers worldwide are equal to 109 million full-time

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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022: How SMEs can build a successful business

Starting a business is no easy feat. From idea generation to launching, execution, marketing and keeping financial records while trying to satisfy your consumers, are challenges entrepreneurs face alone. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers, and problem solvers and they amount to 582 million of the world’s population. Amidst the risks taken, success

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How JA Nigeria is increasing disability-inclusive education

Inclusive education is a necessity. According to UNICEF, an estimated 90% of children living with disabilities in developing countries are out of school. The World Health Organisation (WHO) report shows that an estimated 25 million disabled persons in Nigeria live with at least one form of disability.  While the Nigerian

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Secrets of Building a Successful Business Through Social Selling

: By Ololade Oloniyo Social selling is the art of using social media channels to engage, connect, and interact with prospects. Most companies now request that their salespeople use social media tools to connect with prospects, provide consistent value and answer top-related questions that their solutions can solve. The reason

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Why Mental Health is Sacred to Every Young Professional

:By Ololade Oloniyo It is true that most young professionals love to work well at their respective organizations and want to be recognized for the amazing work they do. They take pride in doing stunning work that contributes to society and prefer to see the mission of their employers as

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