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General Update

Secrets of Building a Successful Business Through Social Selling

: By Ololade Oloniyo Social selling is the art of using social media channels to engage, connect, and interact with prospects. Most companies now request that their salespeople use social media tools to connect with prospects, provide consistent value and answer top-related questions that their solutions can solve. The reason

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Why Mental Health is Sacred to Every Young Professional

:By Ololade Oloniyo It is true that most young professionals love to work well at their respective organizations and want to be recognized for the amazing work they do. They take pride in doing stunning work that contributes to society and prefer to see the mission of their employers as

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Volunteer Spotlight: Emmanuel Kilaso

Emmanuel Kilaso volunteers with Junior Achievement Nigeria to teach the JA Company Program in Ogun State. Emmanuel is passionate about impacting young people and that motivated him to volunteer with JA Nigeria. We had a conversation with him, read below: What was your motivation for volunteering with JA Nigeria? My

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Alumni Spotlight: Oluwatosin Oludayo

We are always proud of our alumni. Meet Oluwatosin Oludayo, a 2019 Venture in Management Program alum who recently won a Mastercard Foundation scholarship to study at the University of Edinburgh Business School. He has also graduated from NUTM (Nigerian University of Technology and Management) with a post-graduate certificate in

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2021 National Company of the Year Competition

The National Company of the Year Competition (NCOY) is an annual flagship program of Junior Achievement Nigeria. On the 6th of November, JA Nigeria student companies who are winners from the Regional Company of the Year competition will be presenting the results of their enterprise before a panel of independent

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JA Nigeria, Sigma Pensions equip youth with digital skills

As part of its commitment to building a generation of digital entrepreneurs contributing positively to wealth creation, Junior Achievement Nigeria (JA Nigeria) has partnered with one of its Board members, Sigma Pensions to equip 100 selected youths with digital skills in an intensive Digital Bootcamp.  The five days intensive digital

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Why Girls Empowerment is Important More than Ever

If there is anything the past year has taught us, it is that life is unpredictable and even though being prepared can sometimes seem impractical, failing to plan is planning to fail. LEAD Camp is an effort that solves issues potentially facing female youth. It is centered around developing skills

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Volunteer Spotlight – Janneke Rietman

Janneke Rietman volunteers with Junior Achievement Nigeria as a Research, Monitoring & Evaluation volunteer. Janneke has contributed significantly to the actualization of the monitoring and evaluation goals of JA Nigeria. In this short chat with Janneke, she explains what motivate her and drive to volunteer in the non-profit space. What

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JA Partners with Sigma Pension to Implement Digital Bootcamp

One of the in-demand skills for the 21st century is digital skills. As a matter of fact, the COVID 19 pandemic amplified the need for these skills. Many organizations, entrepreneurs are in deep need of these skills and would require employees to complement them. As an organization with an intense

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2021 Regional Company of the Year (RCOY) Competition

Every thriving business saw that pain point the masses were experiencing and brought about solutions that the community, nation or world desperately needed. The beautiful thing about creating business solutions that will both birth impact and profit is that it is not limited to the old. Young people can be

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