CEO, Deloitte Nigeria, Regional Leader, Deloitte West Africa

Fatai serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Deloitte in Nigeria and holds the position of West Africa Leader. Previously, he was the West Africa Tax Leader and Deloitte’s Global Advisory Council member. With nearly three decades of professional experience, Fatai has worked with numerous internationally renowned and locally reputable clients across various sectors. He was appointed Deputy CEO of Deloitte Nigeria in December 2015 and assumed the role of CEO and Regional Leader of Deloitte West Africa in June 2016. In his current position, Fatai is responsible for driving the firm’s strategic agenda and positioning it as a leader in the professional practice within the region. He is dedicated to leveraging Deloitte’s capabilities to support government initiatives that positively impact the economy and people’s well-being, emphasizing tangible impacts with clients, talent, and the community.